Transform Your Bar Into The Ultimate Mancave – Some Ideas

Modern life is filled with stress. we stress about our professional lives, we stress that we do not have enough time and we stress that we are not spending what time we do have in a way that allows us to enjoy a great quality of life shared with family and friends. SO sometimes it’s great just to relax. To make a conscious decision to set aside our worries and really focus on the important things – family and friends and simply recharging.

For many men, the ideal place to do this is at a home bar. You have access to all the snacks, you are only yards away from the amenities and you can choose your favorite tipple without stressing about cost or availability. However in order to get the most out of your home bar experience you need to really focus on making that space yours – converting it from the ordinary to the extraordinary – making your home bar into the ultimate mancave.

Here are some great ideas to start that transformation:

The first step in the transformation from a bar to that ultimate expression of manliness must be the realization that home bars are meant to be fun. One of the ways that you can make sure that everyone shares in the fun is to go old school. there are plenty of old arcade style cabinet games gathering dust out there – you can probably find one of the Internet. There are also modern versions which have around 200 games preloaded. View it as an investment and go that extra mile and get a great graphic designer to design some decals that mimic the original artwork from one of the original cabinets – Frogger, Pac Man or Donkey Kong are great choices. You can also go back to the classic pinball machine – there are great classic designs or modern releases – they are sure to please the crowd.

Keeping with the entertainment theme if you have a smooth floor (painted concrete is ideal) then think about adding to the functionality by painting a shuffleboard on there. Form teams and have some fun with your buddies.

A cheap table is a great addition to the home bar, but you can transform it for next to nothing by painting the table top with chalkboard paint. Keep score during a game of darts or cards – or let everyone let their inner artist out to play. Also great for keeping the kids occupied while the adults socialize. A box of colored chalks – and they are entertained for hours.

One of the simplest ways to transform the bar into that ideal expression of manliness is to dedicate some time and thought to a great audiovisual system with the emphasis on the ability to take in the big game with the guys. Purchase a projector and get a handyman in to install a drop-down screen – they’re better value for money than you think. The latest technology will allow you to simply plug in a laptop or even a digital media player the size of a dongle – add some great speakers or a soundbar (and some sporting memorabilia for added effect) and you are all set to settle back with a cold one and some good company and enjoy the game.

Let your imagination run wild and you can transform your bar into a mancave that is both a refuge from the stresses of the outside world and a place where you can relax and reconnect with those nearest and dearest to you, both friends and family.

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